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www.cadava.com is a digital transformation software consulting company providing services to medium sized and large entities looking to scale without exorbitant overheads. We deliver Development and Design, Content and Marketing, Integrations & Cloud and Innovation.

As a Digital Consultation Boutique (DCB) think of us akin to a precision strike force rather than the entire army. In business like in other areas lean tactical units typically iterate more efficiently with fewer silos. This aids us in a true agile development practice.

By only including subject matter experts we get to the heart of the matter quickly. This approach flows bi-laterally from the top down and the bottom up from client to products and back again. We’re open and honest with a visible process enabling you and your key contacts to participate directly in the process.

It was founded by SMEs and key individuals who have worked in technology sector with well over a decades experience. The cohort is growing.

The software and tools used are cloud based dedicated servers and services which we can automate at the touch of a button. This includes and is not limited to: Amazon Web Services, Adobe CC, Steinberg, Google Cloud Platform, Trello, Slack, Atlassian, MySQL, BitBucket and others.

If you like what you hear and you’re interested in partnering get in touch and let’s get things moving . Cadava.com: www.cadava.com, Carlton Banks!

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