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We’re always on the look out to attract new talent. At present we’re looking to increase the in house design, UI/X and DevOps offerings as we expand and grow. If you’re interested send over your C.V. to contact@cadava.com and checkout our LinkedIn.

For your reference, below are some solid character defining attributes and winning traits we’ve seen in all the high value performers over the years. For convenience they’re condensed into a table and expanded on further down.

Thanks for your time!

ExpectationsCharacterSkillsUswhat you can expect?
1ZealDemonstrable excellence in your fieldNo Russian dolls
2Team PlayerUnderstand your craftNo meeting fatigue
3Open and HonestKeep interested in what you doCareer growth and development
4Enquiring mindGood multi-taskingNo micro-managing
5Commercially awareStrong written and spoken communicationsAccess to the right tools
6Growth mindsetLogical problem solverNo assumptions


  • Zeal:
    • To be passionate and feel empowered about what you do to the point where it’s contagious.
  • Team Player:
    • To think about the bigger team perspective and not get bogged down on trivial matters.
  • Open and Honest:
    • To act with integrity and professionalism.
  • Enquiring mind:
    • To not only settle for good but to push yourself for the best.
  • Commercial awareness:
    • Accomplish more with less:
      • “The way to solve a technical challenge is not always ‘another tool‘ “.
      • Occam’s Razor: Only multiply when necessity and good reason dictates!
  • Growth mindset:
    • To be able to build something from nothing and be able to see opportunity where others only see challenges and problems.


  • Demonstrable excellence in your field
    • This is a must to be considered, for people further along in their career we’d expect to see a full CV showing examples with clear attributions. For those starting out some early personal projects and collaborations would also provide us with valuable insight.
  • Understand your craft
    • Whether you’re an engineer, designer, creative or technical we ask that you really know the tools you use, understand best practices, mastered the basics and are ready to take the next step.
  • Keep interested in what you do
    • The journey never stops and nor does the learning. Its invaluable to keep your attention close to your practice. The creative and technical disciplines are extremely fast paced with new tools, methods and trends happening all the time.
  • Good multi-tasking
    • The ability to rationally break down a task into small achievable chunks and deliver whilst still responding to email and fielding out other distractions is an essential must have to add value in today’s fast changing work place.
  • Strong written and spoken communications
    • We require that all candidates have brilliant spoken and written skills. This is so you can better communicate with the team and convey your brilliant ideas.

Uswhat you can expect?

  • No Russian Dolls
    • The above, commercially known as SILOs always bring about secrecy, points-of-failure, under-communication of the essential, over-communication of the trivial, vague chains of indirection and ultimately inefficient leadership. We definitely don’t value these.
  • No meeting fatigue
    • We aim to maximise and free up your time as much as possible. Meetings are a necessary part of business and by striking the right balance we can allow you to keep creative and in the zone.
  • Career growth and development
    • Good access and resources to learning and training material so you can expand and learn as you develop your professional self.
  • No micro-managing
    • The guided approach always yields better results, we trust you and expect the same in return. Its that simple.
  • The right level of access
    • Ever tried to solve an issue blind-folded with your arms behind your back . It’s not nice and that won’t happen here.
  • No assumptions
    • We won’t make any assumptions about you and we’re fully open to candidates of all backgrounds.
  • At present WFH / Fully remote
    • At the moment we’re in full lock-down until restrictions are lifted. We’re championing Remote Working and using the right tools to allow the team to excel.
  • Relaxed atmosphere
    • We like the team to be relaxed so they can get into the zone, get the job done and create wonderful things that push them forward. We don’t create needless where none exists.

If the above sounds cool, send over your C.V. to contact@cadava.com and checkout our LinkedIn.

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