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Cadava: local.cadava.com, help, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)Cadava: www.cadava.com, help, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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KYC Checks
KYC Checks stand for Know Your Customer. They are a set of simple questions that provide basic high-level details about you and your business so that
we can better support your consultation and tailor it to your requirements.
GDPR, stand for the General Data Protection Regulation. We are fully GDPR compliant across all services.
When PII comes into affect we shall also look to adopt that as early as possible.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery is something we take very seriously and have robust measures in place to ensure data integrity and rectification in the event of any unplanned events.
Data Protection
We fully adhere to all legislation and law of the land in which are servers and services are based.


Startup Plan
The cadava.com “Startup Plan”, cover the essentials that you need to get off the ground running! What does that include and is it right for me? Have a read through.Test
Core Plus
The cadava.com “Core Plus” plan is essential for business who have started and now need to get to the next level and take the next step. What does that include and is it right for me? Have a read through.
Accelerator Premium
The cadava.com “Accelerator Premium” plan is for businesses and brands with extremely unique challenges that need to have a more tailored implementation. What does that include and is it right for me? Have a read through.

To help you choose and research the right product take a look a the products comparisons table.


Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions can be found here.
The right choice
Getting the right choice is never easy so get in touch and we’ll get you started on your journey.
We ensure are products are robust and best in breed by adopting tried, tested and proven approaches to continuous integration, software implementation and change relase control for content management.

To help you make an informed decision, a full list of services can be explored here


Content and Marketing
Content and Marketing: offers a feature rich and compelling offering allowing us to provide a choice solution for your marketing campaigns. We provide access to analytics across a variety of formats for your consumption and if needed can assist you in interpreting them.
Development and Design
Development and Design: is the powerhose and backbone of the offering we can help you achieve a fully featured, highly customisable application to fit your needs as well as help build industry specific technologies for your individual busines challenges.
Innovation and Cloud
Innovation and Cloud: is a strategic product and service, experimental in nature and builds upon the tools available in our cloud tool kit that can help with automation, data insights, analytics, transformation, manipulation, migrations, machine learning and more.

To review all solutions take a look a the solutions comparisons table.


Blackbox Plan
The Blackbox Plan allows us to respond to your support request or email and collaborate with you to reproduce the issue and solve it.
Whiteglass Plus
The Whitebox Plus plan facilitates additional communication via, email, slack and also on the phone, we can respond efficiently and recive texts when you get an issue.
Glassbox Premium
The Glassbox Premium plan gives all the benefits of the Blackbbox Plan and Whitebox Plus plans while allowing you to take advantage of remote diagnostics and realtime collaboration.

To view all support plans have a look at the support comparisons table.


All hosting solutions we provide use TLS and ensure we apply HTTPS protocol for your security and consumer trust.
We operate on a strong password rotation policy using best standards with character lengths that present a significant challenge to deter even determined hackers.
Data obfuscation
Services and solutions we implement include strategies like, nonces, parameter obfuscation, csrf, cors and jwt.
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