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Cadava: Made in the Digital Heart of Croydon!

www.cadava.com, cadava founded in Croydonwww.cadava.com, cadava founded in Croydon

Cadava is the latest of a new breed of technology startup founded in Croydon by Colin Humphrey (Co Founder & Interim CTO).  A former Kayak & DailyMail employee who’s worked with the best agencies and biggest brands in London and the UK bringing over 10 years experience building secure servers, websites, mobile apps, services, cloud applications and trusted client relationships to Croydon.

Cadava was founded in April 2020 during lockdown when COVID19 gripped the nation and in just four months has built a competitive product range and is pleased to say we’re ‘open for business’.  The Cadava platform is already consulting and helping clients build secure websites online.  Join the cohort.

Our Digital Services

Cadava’s digital services provide the right toolkit needed to get your idea off the ground, in the air and soaring in the cloud!  We’re here for all businesses, brands and individuals that require rock solid web expertise, integrations and unbeatable support that just works, quickly, quietly and efficiently, a safety-net there when you need it!  The kicker to our products is that we will ensure your website has 99.9% uptime, GDPR compliance, lifetime 100% free certificates (SSL), guaranteed response times and receives regular updates with the latest security releases to keep you competitive, safe and client ready!

Imagine you’re a startup just getting going, a scale up whose core websites need technical tlc or an established company that wants to accelerate their site to work smarter with engaging above-the-fold content, e-commerce, cms upgrades, optimised SEO structure, or improved security and conversion.

Cadava has the right selection for you we deliver without overspend or budget-bloat.  We advise and never push delivering what you need, want and deserve. We believe in empowerment through digital technology, web-hosting, development, design, consulting and most importantly support.  

Cadava offers three tracks:

  1. Websites and web-hosting
  2. Web support and maintenance
  3. Consulting

Our products allow companies to get advice, startup, scale-out and continue to grow on a future proof platform.  We strongly believe everyone should have a quality website at an affordable price point lowering TCO (total cost of ownership) and increasing ROI (return on investment).  Want to pay monthly to spread the cost we’ve got you covered!  Check out our videos and keep up to date on the latest news.

We’d also like to welcome you to our first event hyperlinked where you can engage learn and grow with others in a tech focused space

Why we’ve chosen Croydon

Croydon is a city in its own right, a tech-hub on the rise where it’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur.  There’s lots of investment, transformation and regeneration happening around us right now,  Just take a look at the Croydon Digital Strategy 2019 – 2024.  Croydon will be a presence to be reckoned with and can become a destination of choice for London, UK and beyond. Cadava’s been out there in Croydon taking it to the streets and bringing the hustle with us to High Street, Southend, George Street, Selsdon Road and Brighton Road.  

We’ve been talking with local businesses to better understand the unique challenges they face, engaging and interacting with our client base to hear first hand their needs and expectations.  Therefore we’ve designed our services around our clients.  Unfortunately many of these businesses share a similar story, insecure websites, non GDPR compliance and websites left unsupported with parked domains. We provide managed website services with support and believe websites are like investing in a high value item, this is why we include support without maintenance problems often arise.

People are the most valuable asset in an any economy and technology is an industry that is often underrepresented by people from underprivileged backgrounds.  Whoever or whatever your background at Cadava we’re making a commitment to invest in Croydon’s most valuable asset its people and its youth.

Quote: “Let’s face it, if ever there was a time for the entrepreneurial spirit to shine, startup and rebuild it’s now in our darkest hour!”

The future of the high street has already changed and will continue too.  Croydon has immense potential for a startup and existing companies with over, 384,837 

Residents and expecting to grow by 14% to 445,000 by 2031.  These aren’t just arbitrary numbers but represent people, creators, innovators and the job-makers of the future.

Croydon is already no slouch when it comes to small business owners and raises a high bar with over 2000 including startups, growing and established companies.

Croydon has solid digital infrastructure with robust broadband speeds between 14.98 – 67.05 Mbps its definitely well on its way and will only get better. “The innovators of tomorrow are in our homes, the offices of tomorrow are our homes”. We’re happy that Croydon is broadband ready.  

Quote: “The innovators of tomorrow are in our homes, the offices of tomorrow are our homes”

The transport links in East Croydon are respectable and currently under consultation hopefully to improve from 6 to 8 lines.  More can be seen about it here.

For Cadava the question is not, why Croydon – but why not Croydon, right?  Lately Croydon can boast the new BoxPark, FairField Halls Regeneration, 

TMRW for flexible working, sinc for (startups), StartupCroydon and Croydon’s very own CROYDON.DIGITAL.

And just a reminder here’s the event hyperlinked.  Follow us on instagram, youtube, Linkedin, facebook and twitter.

Lets continue to build more positive news for Croydon, London and the UK to help drive ourselves out into

the new digital plateau! Get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

And for those who’ve read to the end and are browsing on desktop here’s a little easter egg and COVID19

stress buster for you.  Also refer a friend using promo code: CADAVA2020 and get a further month discount free.

Thanks from the Cadava team – supporting local business!

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