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Cadava wins new Client

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Cadava celebrates winning another client to come onto the platform. It’s very early days and nurturing clients to join your platform is not easy by any stretch. Getting a client onboard is the secret sauce in any organisation and the first step with often the biggest hurdle: How can you convert a passive consumer to part with cash and use you.

What are the challenges and how can you overcome them?

I’m new on the market: Everyone in business was new once, just remember that! From the behemoths brands and tech titan companies that are entangled so much into our lives we can’t imagine life without them to the stable and growing Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are the lifeblood of every economy. Everyone had a small portfolio to begin with.

How do I build trust? Its simple you have to know your client and be excellent at what you do and show how you can provide them value. Get out there and talk to them, reach out be authoritative about what you do and if you show leadership that matters to them and communicate in their language then what you offer will resonate. If it resonates then there’s a chance for you to convert. Be accessible, open and guide the client to what they need, never what they don’t.

My client is already with a competitor: The majority of established clients will most likely have worked with a few different companies offering similar services each with ok ratings, some will be better than others. Others will simply have cornered the market because they’ve been around the longest. This does not mean they’re the best however. What Cadava offers is different from our clients with a unique feature in guided support and mentoring for those who to learn as they go.

Client’s often lose interest: When you have the client the whole process from the point they are not with you to when they convert is called client onboarding. Its essential to remove the friction completely, this means no hesitations, removing distractions, providing good accurate information without waffle. The technology has to be fast and has to work. Its no point having a slick automated checkout if your payment server or email confirmation CRM is down.

At Cadava we’ve come across all the above and continue to refine our process to make checkouts smoother and interactions elegant & fluid. If you like our technology, layout and processes get in touch and checkout our product range, support and consultations.

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We hoped you enjoyed this article, thanks the Cadava team!

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