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A different way of thinking

Cadava: www.cadava.com, blog post, a different way of thinkingCadava: www.cadava.com, blog post, a different way of thinking

There are so many paradigms to thinking, thought and ideas which include: intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (eq) also known as emotional intelligence plus others, left brain, right brain, critical thinking, creative thinking and so on.

One cannot downplay the relevance of academic standards and grading however one should not overlook the creative spark and never be afraid to step outside of the box and embrace lateral thinking and freedom of thought!

At www.cadava.com we embrace the tried and tested stable robust software paradigms and scientific method. These well trodden roads have served us well. However we also champion lateral ideation and people that can get from point ‘a’ to ‘b’ in a fast robust and efficient manner.

Limitations and limits are a necessary part of code design that we have to work with – and need to enforce – ourselves. This could relate to the number of queries per-second you can make to a service or how many licenses you need to run a business.

As with all software there’s ways to maximise resources. For example virtualisation or tenanted solutions, caching and query optimisation etc.

Over a period of time we’ve developed and expanding upon a robust toolkit to support many software ventures for the modern IoT era.

The same goes for products and services there’s a lot of SaaS providers out there and we’ve worked with the best of them.

We can help you to think differently too!

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