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Creative Accessible Design

Cadava, Carousel image, creative application designCadava, Carousel image, creative application design

(C)reative (A)ccessible (D)esign is one half of cadava. The other is (A)gile (V)ersatile (A)pplictions.

The above should be the central touchstone of what every good technology company and technologist does.

Problems to start with come in different shapes and sizes. They can be obtuse or acute, ubiquitous or rare. The exciting part of every problem domain is how to solve the problem from an idea to a solution. This is the creative friction that we enjoy.

The level of ideation and thought processes we drive forward are unparalleled and allow for rapid iteration to achieve a common goal. At every step of the process you’re in on the journey and empowered to make decisions on our staged servers.

The approach we take is to generate as many focused ideas as possible for design and software and then divide the good from the bad and extend the what remains. This refinement and sifting is how we approach tough design challenges, especially in areas for which solutions don’t yet exist!

Once we have a solution and prototype it is recorded so then we won’t need to repeat ourselves.

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