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Cadava announces new HTTP2 benefit for cadava-websites

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Cadava has taken an ongoing investment to support HTTP/2 using Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) for all our users. What does this mean? ALPN describes the improved way for web servers to handle content requests. It improves upon the successes of SPDY (another protocol improvement) for which support was dropped around 2016.

In layman’s terms HTTP2 is faster and has the potential to speed up your website.

HTTP/2 is full request multiplexing and this means that instead of your http requests being processed sequentially one-by-one which is more blocking; more data can be served preloaded concurrently which transforms website loading times on modern performing websites.

How do I get http2? To get HTTP/2 on your website host with a provider that supports it like our cadava-websites. This is a technical task to be updated by your hosting provider.

Will my users notice my HTTP2 website? Yes! A faster website will make your users return to your website time and again. The best thing about HTTP/2 is that its completely backwards compatible with HTTP/1.1 and your users can passively use this more efficient browsing experience.

Can I check if my site uses HTTP2? Yes you can there’s a tool you can use to check your site’s http2 status.

Good hosting providers like Cadava will be using HTTP2 already!

We hoped you enjoyed this article – The Cadava team!

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