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Cadava’s pleased to offer new CDN benefit.

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Announcing full CDN support for all our websites. Cadava is pleased to pass on our experience and skills in server configuration and customisation to provide full CDN services to all assets and images served via our CDN.

Why should your website be using a CDN and what is a Content Delivery Network anyway? A content delivery network replicates your content across multiple nodes across different regions in the world. What does that mean for my website? It means that your website will perform better and more quickly in different locations around the world. When your website is loaded in a browser it needs to get resources. Every page has images, styles, files, resources.

We refer to the above exchange as requests, http requests are the language of the internet and each request has a request & response. A content delivery network a.k.a. CDN basically has multiple copies of data and metadata of your webpage requests stored at different edge locations.

CDN performance explained? A CDN offers improved content delivery compared to non CDN served websites, it offloads vital processing cycles to other servers in the cloud so your website or app can focus on more important tasks. This is a form of delegating the technical task of serving an image to another server which makes your website more efficient.

The more efficient your website is the more requests it can handle which has a net gain that feeds into client engagement, websites that are slow to load see an immediately higher bounce rate. Which means users literally leave your website without engaging.

We hoped you enjoyed this article and if you have any feedback or a topic for us to cover in our blog then use our feedback form.

Thanks – the Cadava team!

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